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Executive Consulting

A 200 Foot Game means you have have focused on ALL details of the game on the ice,

at 200 Foot Hockey we take the same level of detail & apply that strategy off the ice.

Launching a hockey consulting service is like stepping onto the ice with a clear goal: to help hockey coaches and organizations up their game.

In a unique meeting of business acumen and hockey expertise, our consulting service facilitates a convergence where strategic insights blend with the world of hockey, creating a synergy that propels success on the ice and in the front office.


With a passion for hockey and a commitment to excellence, we're geared up to assist anyone in the hockey world to in achieve success and maximize the potential of their teams on the ice.

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Consulting Services


Change & Growth Management

Teams and organizations are continually evolving. Are you prepared to adeptly manage these changes?


Our specialization lies in assisting you to adapt and flourish, whether through implementing cutting-edge technology or formulating a business plan for your team owner. Trust us at the intersection of sports and business to bolster and guide you on your journey.

Coach Job Interview Prep

You've scored an interview for your dream coaching job, but it's been a decade since your last formal interview!


Discover how top coaches prepare for job interviews, covering everything from crafting documents to mock interviews.  We've helped 7 NHL Head Coaches 


We can assist you in acing the conversation and securing your dream coaching position!

Project Management

If you're on the brink of renovating your facility or hosting a special event for your organization, let us be your guide in handling those significant projects that might take you out of your comfort zone.


Our aim is to ensure your success in business endeavours, helping you hit it out of the park with confidence.

Media Preparation

Are you eager to grasp the intricacies of decision-making in NHL coaching?


We're here to assist broadcasters in enhancing their production, whether through statistics, video pre-scouts, or coaching insights. Let us elevate your program with deeper insights for a more enriched broadcasting experience.

Youth Hockey 

We help Youth Hockey Organizations in all aspects of management & operations.

From Coach Consulting to business plans, let us help you grow your organization & help develop your people & players on & off the ice!

We also specialize in technology solutions for youth organizations of all sizes!

Technology Management

The landscape of hockey has transformed significantly over the past decade, and technology has evolved even faster. Is your organization equipped with the right tools to make the most of your team's time?


We can assist you in discovering, acquiring, and implementing the appropriate technology tools to optimize your team's performance!




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